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Why choose New Horizon Automation?

Robotic OEMs and Systems Integrators offer the manufacturing sector a vast array of quality and complex automated systems. Finding technically experienced and capable service personnel to provide solutions for these systems to maximize the potential of equipment investment can prove to be difficult at times. New Horizon Automation is focused on providing companies that rely on ABB industrial robotic systems for their manufacturing requirements an option for needed technical services and support. New Horizon Automation strives to maintain technical service and consulting excellence.  Based in Palm Coast, Florida, I will travel to manufacturing facilities and provide technical services.

I have been in the industrial robotics industry for over 33 years working for ESAB Automation, ABB Robotics, Wolf Robotics and the past 11 years as New Horizon Automation. My career began in June 1989 for ESAB Automation as a Field Service Representative supporting integrated arc welding systems for ESAB in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region of the US based in the Philadelphia area. ESAB Automation Robotics division was purchased by ABB in 1993 and became the ABB Welding Systems Division. I was a Senior Field Service Engineer for ABB based in Fort Collins, CO from 1993 through November 2005. My primary support territory was the western 1/3 of the US now supporting all the manufacturing processes ABB was providing, not including paint systems. I became the Training Director for Wolf Robotics (Rimrock Corporation – Arc Welding Integrator) in November 2005. My responsibilities included developing the training program at Wolf Robotics. During this time increasing Wolf’s training offering from two courses to twelve at the end of my tenure. Other duties at Wolf Robotics included supporting technical support and occasionally assigned field service field assignments. I started New Horizon Automation in September 2009 and have been steadily working providing technical consulting and support to a wide range of customers and supporting several manufacturing processes. I partnered directly with ABB Robotics, Customer Service Division (Auburn Hills, MI) providing nearly exclusive field service technical support as an independent technical contractor from 2011 through Spring 2020. 

New Horizon Automation provides technical services for ABB industrial robot systems specializing in break/fix troubleshooting, programming (ARLA and RAPID), RobotStudio programming, preventative maintenance services, training, and support in the following manufacturing processes:


Arc Welding
Material Handling
Machine Tending
Press Tending
Thermal Spray
Water Jet
Automotive Manufacturing
RobotStudio programming (Arc Welding and Palletizing are the predominate processes)
ABB Safemove certified


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