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The following are the services provided by New Horizon Automation:


Break/Fix Troubleshooting Support:

​Systems eventually require break/fix services. NHA will provide experienced personnel to troubleshoot, identify and resolve these issues to allow the return of a reliable system back into production.

Programming assistance:

​If programming assistance is needed to maintain existing production programming or programming a new system is needed, NHA can provide the assistance in achieving this goal.  


ABB RobotStudio Programming:

NHA can provide offline programming assistance using ABB IRC5 RobotStudio. This service requires the creation of a functional virtual robot station (virtual controller, robot and other system peripherals).  NHA will work with the customer to develop the station and will require CAD models (.sat format) for all station tooling and part geometries and any custom device that will require programming.



NHA has extensive training experience with ESAB Automation, ABB Robotics and Wolf Robotics. NHA can offer standard training courses in basic RAPID Programming and RAPID Programming with ArcWare.  NHA can also customize training courses to best fit  the needs of the customer.


Preventative Maintenance:

As with any system, there comes a time when preventative maintenance is required. Preventative maintenance allows the systems to continue to operate at optimum levels. NHA can work with customers to provide PMs that will identify system issues causing reliability issues as well as replacing items in need of replacement.


System Integration Services:

NHA can provide assistance in general system integration needs. Whether that task is adding I/O devices or updating process equipment NHA may be able to assist.


Process Analysis:

​NHA will work with customers to identify areas to improve the manufacturing process currently being employed and seek solutions for more optimum production throughput.



Contact New Horizon Automation for the current service rates.

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